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There are eight guidelines to consider when designing a website for clients in Dubai

There is an abundance of information and options available on the internet. The sheer number of websites available poses greater challenges for a website designer in Dubai. Companies are now focusing on keeping users’ attention before they abandon their website for the next most appealing link. As a result, a complete web design strategy is essential to setting your website apart from the millions of others. While serving your clients in Dubai, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure that your web design is both optimized and visually appealing.

Here are some must-dos and don’ts for establishing an engaging site design and providing exceptional web design services to your clientele.

1. Concentrate on products and services
Are you developing a website for a startup firm in Dubai that provides services or sells specialized products? If so, make sure it is readily visible on the home page. Give yourself some space on the inner pages to include CTAs for that specific product or service. When building a blog, ensure that the intended audience receives the necessary emphasis and attention. Websites such as WordPress and WOO are doing an excellent job of highlighting their key emphasis.

2. Avoid placing excessive or irrelevant ads
Of course, your main goal is to generate sales through your website or blog. Be kind to yourself, and get rid of all the excessive marketing. If your page load time is excessively long due to the presence of more advertisements than content, the user will abandon your site and never return. Giving advertisements top priority is a flawed premise. Try mixing advertising with content and web design aspects, making sure they don’t detract from the content.

3. Make the layout visually appealing
Your company’s website is the first thing customers will notice. As a result, a designer must use textures and gradients to give your website a professional appearance while also capturing the attention of users. Choose some excellent, lightweight grid systems to help organize information.

4. Avoid the improper arrangement of items
If your designer is unable to arrange the items in a systematic manner, please find someone who understands how to capture the reader’s attention by organizing the items. Furthermore, avoid employing animated gifs, marquee scrolling text, and a disorganized collection of visuals. If you are a professional web designer, let your design reflect that.

5. Always choose the right colors
Knowing your target demographic will help you select the best color scheme for your website. If you cater to professionals, you will obviously want to avoid using a bright color scheme on your website. However, for a website dealing with the fashion and art industries, you can utilize strong, bright colors.

6. Avoid overusing different textures and logos
Non-tech-savvy clients may ask you to use large flashing logos or excessive textures and gradients, but a qualified web designer is required to explain the significance of all critical web design aspects. Using a variety of colors on your website will not only break it, but will also upset your readers, who will most likely never return. Choose a color palette that blends well together. Use the proper color scheme and see how your design stands out.

7. Make it easy for your readers to get the right information
Believe it or not, readers will spend less than a minute learning about your website. As a result, it is critical to provide accurate information on your website so that users can easily access relevant information. Use H tags to prioritize the most critical things. You can use photos and quotes to make your argument.

8. Avoid writing long and boring paragraphs
Writing a post with over 1000 words and no paragraph breaks would undoubtedly discourage viewers from subscribing to your blog. We recommend breaking up your material into small paragraphs to ensure your viewers can easily grasp the vital details.

Best website design company in Dubai