Hair transplant Dubai

This is a comprehensive guide to the best hair transplants!

Here’s a short guide to everything you need to know about hair transplants:

1. What is hair transplantation?

Surgical hair therapy involves removing hair from a balding-resistant portion of the body and transplanting it to a spot that needs hair due to an accident, surgery, balding, or other reasons. The most recent transplant surgery differs from a skin graft, which involves removing patches of skin, hair, and all. We extract and implant only specific types of hair follicles to match your natural hair exactly.

2. How much does it cost?

When it comes to hair transplants, cost is a significant consideration. The transplant cost varies depending on the total number of grafts needed. The sessions are incredibly taxing for the patient, surgeon, and staff. Dubai Hair Transplant provides the service at reasonable prices, while maintaining the high quality required for the treatment. Surgeons with extensive experience perform the procedure.

3. Can women get a hair transplant?

It’s almost shocking how many women have this procedure. Women, more than men, feel pressured to keep a respectable hairline. A bald head is a stigma for males who are self-conscious about their lack of hair. There are many people who will not be able to drop so much money.

4. How do I discover a decent surgeon?

Like most things these days, your hunt for the best hair transplant Dubai begins online. The prudent approach is to begin by reading the reviews of the prospective transplant surgeon. Try reading reviews for the same surgeon or clinic on various websites. You can also read patient testimonials. Check to determine if the surgeon is board-certified. Visit the website and try to verify the qualifications, certifications, years of experience, and other details. Surgeons with more experience tend to charge a higher price, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Well-experienced surgeons are more likely to produce excellent results.

5. What is strip-harvesting?

The method of strip harvesting involves taking a strip of hair-containing scalp and splitting it into grafts. We then stitch these grafts into the balding area, leaving visible scars unless your hair is long.

6. What is FUE?

Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, is the process of harvesting individual hair follicles. We then re-insert the follicles into the balding area. We use micropunches for extraction and microblades for insertion. FUE is less painful, requires no stitches, and has a quicker recovery time. Sometimes. If the transplant is not successful, there may not be enough scalp to make a graph. In comparison to the modern and cutting-edge Strand-by-Strand Ultimate technology, FUE is considered outdated.

7. How long does hair regrowth take?

The freshly transplanted hair should come out in the days following surgery. This is only so that freshly formed follicles can replace the fallen hair. If the transplanted hair remains new and the regular hair continues to thin, some people may need to repeat this operation.

8. Are there any further precautions?

As with any surgery, we will use an aesthesia in conjunction with area cleansing and antibiotics. Do not smoke or drink before the operation, because your findings may be unsatisfactory.

Hair transplant Dubai